Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday to-do list

It's almost the end of the month and I don't have an OPAM finish for May! So instead of sleeping last night I lay in bed going through ALL the projects I could remember and trying to figure out 1 that could be done in the amount of time I have available this week...very, very little time. Here are my time eaters:
  • I think my laundry is higher than it has ever been; son #5 cleaned his room and he had been storing dirty towels and dirty laundry in there for weeks. He's also decided (my fault-I suggested that clean bedding might help-and he's gone overboard) that changing his sheets OFTEN (every other day) will help his acne. Swimming also creates laundry! So does diving-(we dove in our long underwear. Roger's under his wet suit, mine just under my swimsuit. We were such a fashion statement!)
  • Company for dinner tonight. Chicken tortilla soup is delicious and easy. Strawberry shortcake is easy enough; the strawberries are so big they will take very little time to clean and stem. I bought pound cake with blueberries in it to go under the berries.
  • A diet that involves keeping us in lettuce which involves going to the grocery store often and, you guessed it, we are out of lettuce AND milk.
  • It 'snowed' in the living room over the week-end. I SHOULD make the person that made the mess clean it up..... but, that would be ME!
  • Two customer quilts that I am in the middle of. One really needs to be finished today, the other tomorrow. One involves taking off the 2 borders and reapplying them... you don't want to know... the other is pretty straight forward; I took it off to turn, to do the side borders.
  • Exercise; we went for our first lake dive last night. My goodness. I kind of panicked and WANTED to get out right after jumping in the lake. I managed my panic attack and stuck with it. I think having my vision impaired by the spotty goggles really affected me. After they cleared up I was better. We went down hanging onto a chain, that also helped. It was cold. I saw several fish, but I was concentrating on staying alive. Deep breaths, lots of deep breaths. I came up accidentally once; then got to go back down. I NEED to become more proficient at swimming with flippers, I felt they were very awkward. I also wanted a walker to help me get to the lake with the 100 lbs of tank on my back. Some leg exercises may help that. I have 2 weeks before the next 3 dives.
  • I've spoiled my kids and given them rides to school every day since November; they think I should continue for the last few days of the school year. Maybe I can get them to do a load of laundry before I take them. :)
  • Visiting teaching (I have the responsibility of visiting with 4 women in our congregation every month.) I have one left to visit. She can be visited during scouts tomorrow night, maybe.
  • Make and press the backs for 3 charity quilts.
  • Finally, the OPAM challenge; a pillow from a miniature log cabin I paper-pieced at least 16 years ago.

The living room 'snow'. Do you think the guests will notice?

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