Thursday, May 27, 2010

How'd I do?

Tuesday to do list took longer than a day but I'm happy to report:
  1. The laundry is folded and PUT away. Unfortunately 8 towels were used during scout last night and more dirty clothes were created.
  2. Dinner was ready on time and appreciated.
  3. Groceries bought.
  4. My dear husband swept up the 'snow' BEFORE company arrived.
  5. One customer happy! The next quilt WILL be finished in 30 minutes.
  6. Oops, I forgot the exercise.
  7. I gave the kids a ride to school and they helped fold the clothes when they got home.
  8. Forgot to V.T. I'll call tonight during Jeffrey's trumpet lesson.
  9. I got the backs to 2 charity quilts made and pressed.
  10. The OPAM is started; zipper in the pillow back. Piping to make today.
Here is the customer quilt I finished Tuesday and delivered Wednesday. She returned it to me so I can do the binding next month for her.
(The picture was taken with my boys holding it sideways and I turned it in the computer so it looks a little odd...)

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