Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stash Report

Since we were out of town last week I didn't post and since we were out of town I got to visit 2 quilt shops that are out of my normal shopping range. They both ordered my Texas Flag Quilt Pattern so I felt like I should buy ....something. In one I bought a magazine...(books and magazines don't count against me in the stash report- thank goodness) in the other I bought 2 fat quarters. So my report hasn't changed much; no new finishes....I wish I could count blocks; and since these triangle madness blocks aren't simple they would count double, right? I guess not.
year to date:
donated, same: 66 yards
used, 41.75 yards
purchased, changed 82.25

This is a quilt from ; 'West Virgina Quilts and Quiltmakers, echos from the hills' one of the books I'm reading this month. There are many quilts in the books and this one is not the most attractive but it caught my eye because of the log cabin quilts I have made. The story that goes with it is poignant. It was made for the maker's granddaughter in 1938.
Stay tuned, I'll share some of the other quilts as the weeks go by.

Go over and see how Judy did on her stash busting this week (I wish I'd done as well!)....then check out the other crazy ladies that are trying to 'use it up, make it do or do without'. Although there is precious little of doing without HERE.


Baby Boomer Grammy said...

Lewis Brian is a cutie, that's for sure.I just looked at his photos on the blog. Congratulations! Did you just get back from California?(I'm assuming they still life there.)

Quiltsmiles said...

This log cabin is nice eye candy, BUT I love your triangle madness. That is stunning! How are you making your blocks? I read that there are 900 1" and 900 1 1/2" tringules, but what size is your finished block? It is spectacular and lovely. Nic enumbers showing usage too. Jane

Lori in South Dakota said...

Reading books with history and quilts--well, life is pretty good!