Tuesday, February 2, 2010

lost my mind

I'm wondering who eats raw hamburger meat in my house? I've planned for 2 days cooking a new recipe of spaghetti... went to the store yesterday and bought all the ingredients except the meat; CAUSE I ALREADY HAD IT, went to cook dinner and the hamburger meat I purchased is missing in action. Jeffrey hates to go to the grocery store with me, I hate to leave him here alone and do something by myself when I have been by myself all day. So I'll find something else to fix but it won't be as good.

Do you need other examples to prove I'm loosing my mind?

  • I took a picture off a piece of paper, scanned the picture, lost the paper... I did not move off this chair and it disapperated. (this is not actually a word...I think it is from Harry Potter)

  • I came downstairs 3 times today to get....something and kept forgetting what; and each time it was for the same thing.

  • Now that I sat down to type up the things that are driving me nuts I can't think of them.
  • Oh, yes, cleaning up....I try to finish something and I can't cause I'm out of ziplock bags...I try to put something away and I can't cause something BIG is in the way, I try to cleanoff the counter but I have so many appliances that I don't know where to put them. Oh and everytime I move around I start coughing....
  • I filled the washer with whites and waited while I cleaned a bit to put some more in (a front loader isn't easy to add to after it gets started.) I went upstairs 3 times to get a few more whites, forgot each time, then started the washer, then found the one more Sunday shirt that needed to be in that load.
  • Oh, and I have a TEENAGER!

Jeffrey's music keeps lecturing him on using a metronome. Yesterday they got the wires to make a monster metronome; monster meaning it uses our wonderful sound system to make the metronome rEALLYY LOUD!

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Liz said...

I used to steal your raw hamburger... ok not really but If I lived next door I might steal it now.