Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I imagine you will see lots of heart items this month; here is one of mine.

I made this for my sisters first grandchild. My sister died several years ago and wouldn't be making Aeryn a quilt, but I could. I wanted it to have some kind of nod to the quilt Rene had made for her only child over 20 years earlier. That quilt, made in 1976 was red, white and blue and had hearts and squares. I only saw it once, but I remember her talking about it. This quilt is made with 4" squares on the front and 10" squares on the back. It was also inspired by this quilt;

This was made by Lynda Milligan and Nancy Smith of Possibilites. They have a blog and a store in Denver, CO. The pattern was printed in Traditonal Patchwork N0.79. I made my 2 quilt in 2003; but I don't know when the magazine was published. I don't think I used their pattern; I just saw it and read the directions and adapted it to suit me. I ended up with 2 quilts when I took the outside of the hearts from the first quilt and appliqued it to another fabric to get this quilt.
I thought they turned out rather nice and I'd do them again if I ever had a granddaughter. Here's the back of the first quilt. I bought yards of pastel fabric and cut them up into napkins for a spring lunch for Church then kept them and have used them....once, here.


Laura said...

Such a cute quilt and so nice that you could make it for your sister's grandchild.

Liz said...

That's it i guess I will have to have a little girl..