Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Today has been very busy. I hadn't realized until just a few minutes ago that it was the 9th. I thought about it last week and knew it would be Tuesday but ...
Brian Jacob Stone, my son, died of cancer 11 years ago. It seems like yesterday sometimes. My 2 children at home don't remember their brother, and I think that is very sad. He loves them. They loved him.
This picture was taken at M.D.Anderson where he received great care. They helped all of us.
We all had great fun with Brian the last 18 months of his life. I got to be with him all day every day since he didn't go to school. What a joy that time was. He would clean out my purse on the way home from the clinic every week. We stopped at taco bell for lunch often and got him 2 tacos until they were too messy for him to deal with (he lost the use of his right arm about 5-6 months before he died.) The school sent teachers to him and so he had some school work but mostly it was me and him and 2 babies.
I was looking for a picture that Melissa took of him standing in the hallway of the institute building; it showed his beautiful blue eyes so well.


Liz said...

I certainly miss that boy.

Anonymous said...

i hadn't been by for a little while and thought of you today when i washed the aprons. i'm glad i did. thank you for sharing your son's photo, i already knew his story as you've shared it with me before. i hope you spent some special time remembering him today, i'm sure you miss him greatly.
ms. porter

Jai said...

I still miss him...I came looking for a post about him and seeing the picture makes me miss him more. He was a great friend, as you all were.