Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I think I like red. Recently I visited a thrift store and found another red jacket, this one looks like (and is) a red wool blazer with a black velvet collar. Really as classic as you can get; $.99. I bought it but I'm wondering if I should take out the shoulder pads, but maybe the shoulders will sag.... After I got home I thought about my other red jackets.
  • January I found a Coldwater Creek Clearance sale and bought this red velvet big shirt that I wear as a jacket.
  • December I went to a Coldwater Creek sale and bought myself a red polar fleece jacket that I've lived in all winter.
  • I have a red sweatshirt jacket that I wear.
  • The red blazer that I mentioned above.
That's 4 red jackets. I guess it is time to quit buying red jackets. I just found a black polka dot one that I'd love to get...but my closets are full and I live in south TX.

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