Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Wish list quilts

I have Debra Wagner's book; 'All Quilt Blocks are not Square' Ironically the 2 quilts I really want to be working on are square. I think Tyler and Tyson, my grandsons, really NEED the tessellated Capital T for their bed quilts.... Then the 'Candy Swirls' just screams at me; 'make me, make me, I'll give you a real headache.' At least I would be an expert at curved piecing when I finished if I didn't throw it through a wall. I saw the same pattern in a magazine with instructions to applique the pieces down, that's cheating! Not really but the challenge of the curved pieces is what interests me.
The book also has 'Stars and Bars' (the cover quilt) AND an 'Orange Peel' that is a triangle instead of a square.
All of the above are on my wish list; instead I'm sewing the I-spy blocks and working on a customers project.

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