Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Red and White quilts

This Evening Star and Puss in the Corner was an exchange, designed by Kathy Hock, I did in March 1993. I put this together and quilted it on my domestic machine quickly; before Christmas 1995. I usually hang it from Thanksgiving until after Valentines Day, then get it out again for June and July. Can you tell it went through a disastrous washing? The red faded onto the white in several places; it was so bad that we decided to bleach it and see what would happen. The white became white but some of the reds looked horrible, orangy or very pink. I got out my acrylic red paint and freezer paper. I ironed the freezer paper to mask the areas we did not want red and then painted the red back in. It was rescued; what a close call.
My mother used it as the inspiration for Michelle's quilt. She used 99 different reds and a bit of paint to get what she wanted. She used the scraps from this quilt in many more.

I LOVE red and white quilts, don't you?

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