Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the right thing

I did something right last week;
  • I changed my rotary blade! It's so nice to have the fabric cut in one pass instead of 3!
  • I changed the throat plate on my sewing machine from a wide opening, suitable for zigzag, to a small opening only suitable for a straight stitch. My piecing immediately improved and my fabric didn't get dragged down in the hole. I'm not sure I'll think this was the right thing when I forget it's there and brake a needle when I move it to a zigzag stitch.
  • While the throat plate was off my machine got a good cleaning. :) It makes my machine happy.
  • I changed the needle in the sewing machine even though it had not broken. Better stitch immediately.
  • I got up and hunted down some tape to tape my guide down instead of checking it every few minutes to see if the one piece of double sticky tape that has been there for years was still holding, and then shifting the guide back into position and checking if the last three triangles had been sewn correctly...
It's a good thing.

I'm still on track. My goal is to so 2 subsets of my I-spy exchange every weekday and 1 on each weekend day. I'd really like to make an I-spy quilt for each grandchild...but that is not happening. I am ONLY making one per family; that's 5! Almost 500 blocks if each quilt gets 99. That's 1,980 triangles!
Yesterday I read a blog where Emily is giving away some of her stash. She posted about some I-spy fabric yesterday and I WON! She is mailing me 6 inch squares of fabrics for my big 5 quilt project.

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