Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stash report

My daughter in law will be proud. I dug out a bin of fabric and decided the whole thing could go to Goodwill. I'm not about to measure each piece so I decided to weigh it and convert that to yards. It came to 43 yards! (You know this is only so I can get some wool back into my closet) I'm going to divide my stash report into 3 parts.
  • What I purchase.
  • What I give away.
  • What I use.

I'll go back and figure it out for the whole year.

Used this week...1/4 yard; a total guess for the little wool books. You know that I spent 4 days making chocolate flourishes; that didn't leave a lot of time for sewing.

purchased this week....0 yards.. I tried real hard to buy fabric for Liz and Ryan's quilt I spent hours in the quilt shop and didn't find anything I thought would work. :(

donated this week......43 yards

year to date:

used: 14.25 yards

purchased: 65 yards

donated: 66 yards (if it is donated in the form of a quilt it will be put in the used amount.)


Tamera said...

Congrats on getting some of your stash out of your life. I've been giving away some of mine, too and it's SO wonderful to give away those pieces that I'll never use!

SpinningStar said...

That's a good strategy - donate as much as you buy!

It is frustrating when you want to buy fabric for a specific project and you can't find anything that quite fits. Of course, how many times did we buy fabric "just because".

There's always the Dallas quilt show that's coming up.. and all the quilt shops that are between here and there!


Mary-Kay said...

That's a lot of fabric to give away. Where is this Goodwill store located? I feel a road trip coming on.

Penny said...

Last year I gave unwanted fabric to a friend who put it to good use. I felt so virtuous. It was liberating to send it on its way to bless others lives....not to mention leaving more space on my shelves.

I hope you will be able to find the right fabric you are looking for. I hate it when I know what I want but can't find it.