Monday, January 11, 2010

Cold showers

This morning we ran out of hot water. I have a long story about hot water....We moved here 12 years ago and the first time I took a shower after my teenage son I quit. I mean I started taking baths so I would know what the temperature of the water was. So last summer when our hot water heater went out I asked my husband to get a larger one. But I didn't go to the store with him and he came home with the same size. I was mad. I was hurt. Why didn't he believe me that we needed a bigger hot water heater.
Enter my Dad; He claims, and I agree that the size of the water heater wouldn't matter. The teenager would just use more of it and you would still run out of water; and your water bill would go up. Although I now consider 40 gallons tank large enough it did my heart good this morning when my husband took his shower after mine and during our teenager's and ran out of hot water. It was a COLD morning to run out of hot water!

(The picture was taken Friday after running the sprinkler all night to keep the pipes and the plants from freezing. We have one of those icicle in the freezer courtesy of Andrew.)

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