Sunday, January 10, 2010


While visiting Liz in Idaho my boys went hiking to these falls. They thought the falls would be frozen but they weren't and they got to climb on them, yeah!
Here you can see the cave they found behind the falls, and you'll notice the WET JEANS. Everyone got very wet, no big deal IT'S ONLY ABOUT 30 DEGREES OUT THERE! I found out later that the pools of water were warmer than I thought; not exactly a hot springs (many are in the area) but 'warm spring'. No one got hypothermia and they thought it great fun. I was back in a warm house cuddling Liz's newborn.
Before getting to Idaho we stopped at my sister's where Jeffrey and Zachary played their instruments together. Adam got out his saxophone and played too. Their favorite activity was driving/riding on the 4-wheeler and shooting their soft pellet? guns.
Their church social was that night and everyone was encouraged to dress up. Daniel and Andrew did. the gym was decorated like a market in Bethlehem with soldiers and tax collectors. We were given plastic coins and got to purchase our meal, bread, fruit, cheese, and more modern dessert. Everyone sat on blankets to eat picnic style and then watched a Christmas play.

These are the mittens I knit for Carter. He's only 22 months old and these are just a little BIG. I washed them once and they then fit
like this:
I washed them again in hot water and they almost fit him. He is wearing them in this photo.

Finally most of the pictures taken at Christmas are loaded. Roger had put them in his flash drive which was attached to his key chain and was always at work when I thought I could write... It's time to feed the masses.

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