Saturday, December 12, 2009


I'm nuts. I counted the number of books I need to make to finish this project that I started last year. 4 grand kids times 14 (1 for each letter of Merry Christmas) = 56. Landon will be born next week, we hope, and that will make it 70. If my children do as well as my parents' did I could have 24 grand children, then I'll get to make 336 of these guys! I'm on my way and should finish this years batch by Monday. I timed one of them 40 minutes if I have all the stuff at my fingertips and do NO clean up, so I figure an hour each.
I also FINISHED a quilt since the camera is at camp with the Scoutmaster I have to wait for the photo. It's my sister's quilt that is similar to this one that we both started last year:

Mine hasn't progressed past this point.

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