Tuesday, December 23, 2008


With everyone home I have little time on the computer. We just don't have enough computers. Our computer geek son came to visit with his family; 2 of our grandsons. Roger and Reed spent several hours at Fry's (electronic super-store) yesterday. Then they tore into our 2 'old' computers; 1 was not working at all; 1 we've been using but had a few problems. Both computers are up and have internet service; yeah! no more boys on our computer. Also meant the living room had to be rearranged a bit to make room for another computer AND the tree.

This is one of my favorite ornaments; my Mother gave one to each of my older children so they left when they left home; I got to keep Brian's. I keep thinking I'll make some for myself but haven't managed to fit it in in 20 years.

Sunday I had a 'cool idea' 1 hour before church. I rushed and made 6 of these little ornament memory books for each on my students in my Primary class (similar to Sunday School). During class I had them write in important things that happened to them this year. THEN I decided to make some using felted wool for each of my grandchildren. I hope it will become a cherished ornament.

I decided to have each one have a letter for MERRY CHRISTMAS. Tyler is 4 so I made him 5 books. James is 2 but needed 3. Austin and Carter each got an M. (The books are constructed but I used up all my small jingle bells on the church kids so won't finish until I find some more.)

This is still my favorite crocheted snowflake; I crocheted it for our second Christmas, 1977.
This is my son and grandson on our walk; our effort to get me to walk a mile a day... does it count if it takes an hour to walk that mile?

I missed my stash report this week...I did some sewing but I'll group it together next week.

Have a Merry Christmas.


Angela said...

Oh my word. I leave for a day and all his hair is gone. I mean I knew it would get cut eventually but still. I HOPE its not all one length but reed did it right!

Patty Cake said...

They turned out great! I really think the size is perfect and I love the way the letters look. Good job, great idea!

Ms. Porter said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family! I hope you are enjoying the holidays together. I am off to sleep after a busy day with family...my girls are very excited that Christmas is finally here.