Thursday, November 26, 2009


When ye have gathered in the fruit of the land, ye shall keep a feast unto the Lord…and ye shall rejoice before the Lord, your God. Leviticus 23:39-40

What a beautiful day today has been. I've been cooking for 2 1/2 days and won't have to cook for about a month... I cooked enough sweet potatoes for ALL my extended family and Roger's...look at what is left. Jeffrey went around and took pictures of everything that was left...we will spare you from looking at all of them, but really maybe next year I'll cook 1 sweet potato.
Yesterday when I was making the rolls I thought I should make a double batch, for 4 people mind you, and I did. Jeffrey had a couple when they came out of the oven...yesterday...he had several during the morning and then only 2 for dinner. Hours later we were all ready for pie...'except Jeffrey. Guess why? EVERY roll is gone, mostly to Jeffrey! He did not eat any pie.
I'm sure you're wondering how the cranberry relish went...well, we have a lot of that left over too. I actually ate some and I think it would have been okay if the onion hadn't been so strong. The recipe said to use 1 small onion; it should read 1 small mild onion, mine was an old yellow one and was too much. I loved the bright pink color, and it looked wonderful on my new pink and green china, but the relish, not so much.

Last week I got to speak in Sacrament meeting about Gratitude, then the lesson I taught to the 11 year old s was about keeping the Sabbath holy. The lesson emphasized that the Pioneers kept the Sabbath Day holy to show their gratitude to God for their blessings. thinking about traveling for months and stopping 1 day a week and that day was not for doing laundry, it was for scripture reading, prayer and singing. I can do better about showing my gratitude by keeping the Sabbath Day better.
My talk went very well, although I had a difficult time speaking through tears, I managed to speak a little about Brian. About how grateful I am that we had him for 16 years and can be with him again; won't he have wonderful stories to share with us.

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