Friday, November 27, 2009

road to oklahoma OPAM

Evidently the road to Oklahoma is long and bumpy. I did an exchange...years ago, early 90's late 80's? I chose the block Road to Oklahoma and made 2 quilts. Since I was busy those days I tended to finish a quilt just enough to hold it together so I could use it. Then when I noticed that it needed to be washed I'd do the rest of the quilting so it could be washed and then I'd call it finished. This quilt is one of those; it has been used as a cover for a round table for 16 years, (the date on the quilt says 1992-93). I finished it last night. This first picture is how it looked in 2008; notice there is quilting in only 1 border. I'm assuming that I couldn't figure out the corner so I stopped. This is after it's 2nd session of quilting, the first one was just diagonal lines to hold it together. The second added lines in the green squares and lines around the red star points.
Can't really see it can you? This photo was taken this morning with the borders done!

Here's the back and you can see the cable in the border. I left it large so when you click on it you can see the quilting.
This is my November project to finish for myself. I think I have only 1 more quilt that is being used but not quite finished. Maybe December will see that one done.

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