Friday, March 6, 2009

New dishes

Last week after shopping at the Thrift store I went into a resale shop and found some beautiful dishes. I DO NOT need new dishes... but my birthday is coming up... I hadn't spent my Christmas money from my parents yet.... so I bought them. I called them lime green and pink but I think a better discription would be apple green and pink.
There's a lot of dishes there. More serving pieces than my old set had. Won't these look beautiful on Mother's Day? Most of my other serving pieces are clear glass but you'll notice the 2 sherbet dishes I put in... I'll need more of those won't I?

EACH of 12 place settings have 7 pieces!


Angela said...

Thats cool

Patty Cake said...

Ohh, I love them! I'm so glad you went back and bought them. What a terrific birthday gift to yourself.