Thursday, October 1, 2009


I FINISHED AUGUST'S project! I learned a lot doing this quilt.
  • How to stabilize a quilt so it can go in and out the frame easily.
  • How to digitize a drawing using my new program; Pro-Q designer.
  • How to do add a spiral to my feather.
  • How to do the 'formal feathers' instead of the informal feather's I've been doing.
  • My 'line dancing' got better.
  • I did some 'design with lines' in a couple of blocks.
  • I learned that I could use Isacord thread; I'd tried it before unsuccessfully (I had the machine threaded wrong.)
  • I recognized the sound the machine makes when it needs oil.
  • I repaired the in-coder so my machine would work....oh yeah, Jeffrey, Roger and Mike at ABM helped.
  • I tried a different binding; it's sewn in the ditch by machine in front; with the back prepared with school glue to hold it so it will be attached when sewing from the front. The fabric was a bit wimpy; I will try it again with either heavily starched fabric and/or lengthwise grain cut binding.
  • I learned to rip more efficiently. ;)

I like the quilting on this block the best.

I finished at 11:25 p.m. on the last day of the month!

edit; This was started the year before Melissa go married, 2001?


Liz said...

congrads!I am not sure I accomplished much in September I guess I did grow some vital organs inside my body with my eyes closed and without my hands..:) I really like the leaves in the pale blue section of that block looks good!

Mel said...

Wow! That is gorgeous.. Whenever I look at your blog I think about how much you are accomplishing... makes me real proud... and slightly disappointed in my small list of accomplishments...

Liz said...

i was thinking about it and i'm not sure that this one counts as a WISP.. seeing as you started it after I moved out. :)