Wednesday, September 30, 2009


What do you cook for a sick woman? My daughter-in-law has been staying with us.... She's on a special diet;
  • no grains
  • no fruit
  • no root vegetables
  • no pork
  • no starchy vegetables
  • no raw food..well she eats celery and lettuce...sometimes
  • yep, there's not much she CAN eat.
It could be worse...just chicken broth as her cousin ate for a long time.
I have chicken soup simmering with red peppers, peas and spinach... She'll read this and I want her to know that cooking for her is NOT A CHORE! This is the simplest thing I can do to help.
We'll see if she can eat it.


Liz said...

sounds like stake for dinner.. :) but that is probably too much too.

totally a bummer

Patty Cake said...

I just remembered that I once worked with a lady who discovered she was allergic to almost everything and in her pursuit of eat-ables she found jicima(spelled wrong). she ate it raw or cooked. I like it raw ok, but have never cooked it. opps, maybe it is a root veg.