Monday, August 24, 2009

week behind

I was surprised when I looked at my blog this morning and realized it had been a week since I'd posted. Instead of a LOOOng post no one will read I'll just list some highlights;
  • my back still hurts if I do too much (and that means much of anything...clean a little, rest a a little, rest a lot...even sleeping too much hurts my back; but luckily driving does not.)
  • drove to northwest Houston to get some thread at Texas Quilt Machines... they don't have a ton of fabric but it is cheaper than other shops; cause it is last years' designs.
  • delivered a load of stuff to goodwill
  • worked on a customer quilt
  • ripped the stitching out of a customer quilt
  • reloaded and started quilting the same customer quilt
  • decided to design a second frog for customer quilt...spent 8 hours doing it
  • watched Angela and Jeffrey install a new printer
  • Visited Fry's twice
  • attended quilt guild
  • bought 2 new cookbooks at half price books...1 on British cooking
  • had a fight with a jar of ragu and I lost...(a gash in my calf when a jar fell out of the fridge)
  • oh, yes chaperoned a lock-in from 4-7 a.m.
  • found the key to waking up a teenager after not enough Saturday after his lock-in Jeffrey got up after just 4.5 hours sleep when I told him he could have Ramen for lunch if he got up right NOW! This morning at 5:15 I promised McDonald's if they got up right NOW.
  • Oh, right, I remember what I did last week.. I drove. To the high school, home, to the high school, home almost 6 times each day! It was crazy. Then have dinner ready right at 5:15 so he could be taken back at 6.

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