Sunday, August 16, 2009

stash report

I quilted a quilt this week but it doesn't count against my stash since it was my daughter's. At her wedding shower her friends and family tied a quilt for her. She has loved having it but the black ties on the white side reminded her of caterpillars crawling on her bed; she wanted them gone. I put the queen size double batt (they live in Idaho!) comforter in the long arm and cut out the ties and then did a giant meander all over the quilt. After stabilizing it with that I added leaves and ribbons to the meandering. Liz said I couldn't use feathers since I had that pretty well learned.
The fabric is so busy that the quilting hardly shows on the front white side and is invisible on the back black side. If I'd had more time it would be nice to rebind it; but she loved that she could now use the white side of her quilt.
I bought fabric for a customer's quilt. The first time I have ever bought everything I need for a quilt in one trip. I'm setting some old dresden plate blocks for a freind.

In: 15 yards!
Out: 0 yards

ytd In: 35.37 yards
Out: 91 yards

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Liz said...

WE LOVE THIS!! It is so much nicer than the black ties and it lies smoother and seems less bulky.. still too small though we need some one to make us a beautiful king size quilt!!