Thursday, August 6, 2009

Don't fall; advice you really needed.

This is the second day since my fall...that's right I didn't tell everyone yet. I fell.
I've always known that our floors were slick when wet but I've managed to stay upright for 12 years. Yesterday I was fixing dinner at 11 a.m.; my daughter in law was moping the breakfast room. I finished and forgot the floor was wet. Bam; I went down; no tears but it was close. No sharp pain after a few minutes so I figured and the Dr. that I called figured that I didn't break my hip but my back still aches; I have a bruise on my wrist where I caught my self and I got a headache from my spine jarring my brain...I guess, since I didn't hit my head.
The Dr. said to take it easy and apply heat. Heat helps but then you NEED ice-cream to cool you back down.
The plan was to start a customer quilt today....can't stand that long so I'll start it in a few days.

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