Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quilt guild

Monday night I attended quilt guild in Baytown. I hesitated to go since the speaker was going to show southwest style quilts. I don't do southwest anything. Anyway I went and totally enjoyed seeing the different style quilts and learned something too. Michelle Watts does a few things different that I'm wanting to try. These are the new ideas she gave me; narrow zigzag on her applique, triple stitch on her machine that looks remarkably like a back stitch that she used to outline shapes, and she used a zigzag stitch for her machine quilting that added texture and made it look more woven. I'll try the first 2 but probably not the third.

I volunteered to teach a mini-class in October guild meeting on machine applique since I do it a little different. Last night while the house was overflowing with scouts and their parents I managed to piece and get ready to applique this.

I like it. The colors are not my usual but my daughter just bought a black and brown couch....and this might work on it... anyway I think a dozen of them in bright colors would make a great kids quilt....and like I said I'm playing and plan on bordering it with black and then quilting it heavily, make it into a pillow that uses a zipper! and give it away.

Kids, do you recognize Brian's shirt?

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