Thursday, August 6, 2009

Vegetables are not supposed to taste this good!

I guess you could say that dinner was a success when a 12 year old makes that comment.
I made chicken vegetable rice soup. since my daughter in law can't have noodles I took my chicken noodle soup recipe and added rice. It worked out great; I started about 3.
  • chop 1 onion and fry it in a bit of oil in saucepan
  • add 4 cans of chicken broth and garlic powder
  • have the grand kids chop the carrots.. works great when you have something like this.
  • add carrots and bag of mixed vegetables; put it on low and leave for 45 minutes..the secret is to over-cook those frozen green beans.
  • add 1 cup rice and a diced up chicken breast.
  • 30 minutes later add the diced up left over chicken from last night and the rest of a bag of spinach; turn the heat off and pick up your son from band practice. Add some water if it is too thick. Eat.

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