Sunday, June 14, 2009

zipper update-stash report

I know I haven't posted much recently but there isn't much time around here right now. Last week's post showed a book I started last June. If you look real close you can see a zipper on the brown page. do you realize that was my only brown zipper? If I'm going to make another lame brown pocket for another 'color' book I'll NEED another brown zipper. SSSSSSSSSSo I went to the thrift store to check and see if they had any zippers left.... I'm sad to report that my obsessive disorder kicked in and although I found 2 brown zippers I ended up buying 10. And I filled up my punch card that they are discontinuing the end of June... So I HAVE $10. to spend there before June 30th. If I can't find anything better there I'll come home with free zippers then.
So does anyone out there NEED a zipper pouch?

I made one for Austin out of denim and 2 old labels. His Mom had made pictures of Austin's relatives that she laminated for the pouch.

So I'm down 2 zippers but I started with 75 and I now have 77!

Stash report hasn't changed;
This week:
in 0
out 0
year to date:
in 18 2/3 yards
out 85 yards

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Carol said...

I will certainly keep you in mind when I can't find the perfect color of zipper. More than zippers, I need rick rack. I can not find rick rack anywhere - of course I have few choices of retail outlets within 50 miles of the farm. I didn't think about thrift stores. There are 4 in my 50 mile radius. Thanks for the reminder.