Saturday, June 13, 2009

a funny

I have 2 of my grandsons staying here, 5 and 3. I wanted to get a toy out of the cupboard that they had never played with so we got almost all of the Legos and Duplos picked up yesterday...BUT there were a few still scattered around and when I tried to get them to pick them up
  • Tyler (5) got a tablet of paper and told me he was writing a list of what needed to be picked up; then he told the 3-year old that HE had to pick up what was on the list. Tyler tried several times to insist that Jimmy pick up what was on the list before he went to experiment #2;
  • Tyler went to the piano and played a 'clean up song' so that his brother would pick up the toys... he came crying to me that Jimmy wouldn't pick up the toys even when he was 'helping by playing the clean-up song' (It only made Jimmy go to the piano to play the clean-up song too.)
I sat down and helped them so now they have gotten to play with the Brio Builder. A hit; the older one wants some for his birthday.

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