Sunday, May 31, 2009

stash report

WEEK 22 
This is a customer quilt that I got to quilt this week. Quick and fast since it was a graduation gift.

I think this is the first week since I started blogging that I haven't posted. I have several good reasons;
  • sick; running a fever for 2 days-sinus and bladder infection :)
  • doubled my family size by adding 2 grandsons, a daughter and her 11 month old
Our daughter in law is very ill so we're keeping their 2 boys for a while. One is 3 and the other is 5 and although they are sweethearts they are ....3 and 5.  I feel like a freight train hit me by the end of the day! The 3 year old goes up to his uncle and says; 'Will you hold me?' and he gets held. Jeffrey (13 1/2) did say that he would need a break from them sometime...but not yet.  The 5 year old makes amazing things out of the gears and plays for hours with them; I'm so glad we did not get rid of our toys. (We put the legos away since the under 1 would try to eat them for lunch!) 

No fabric bought
No fabric used----surprise, surprise!

totals for the year:
in:18 yards 
out: 83.91

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Angela said...

As much as I teased and harassed about all those toys I'm so beyond grateful you didn't get rid of them. I'd forgotten about the gears and I'm glad Ty is having a good time with them. And I'm glad Jimmy is getting cuddle time. You are a rock star of a grandma! And the uncles are the coolest ever!