Saturday, May 2, 2009


Last Saturday and today I helped the boys fill a flower pot with flowers. They were given a choice of colors and we bought plants to fit the color scheme. Andrew's was lime green and purple (he looks particularly intense because I took the picture while he was moving his pot.) Jeffrey chose the red hot pot; red, orange and yellow. Hopefully all the flowers like the same amount of water and they will look even better in a couple of weeks. They also planted some vegetables in our old rose bed. We have a few more seeds to plant then we can just sit back and watch them grow...... right?


Carol said...

Tell the boys they get an "A" from this Graphic Designer/Master Gardener. And thank you for giving them an interest in gardening. I truly think our grandchildren will have to be dependent on gardening ability for the production of their own food. To say nothing about the need for green plants to save our planet.

Anya said...

I love also work in the garden(@^.^@)