Tuesday, May 5, 2009

give away

I realized last night that I'd left the give-away slightly open ended. When does it end? I don't know. I'm toying with 2 weeks but then maybe a bit more.... I'll let you know; but it won't be less than 2 weeks (a few of my readers only get on once a week so I'll give them a chance.) If you are overseas don't worry I'll mail it overseas also. 
I thought I'd explain about the design. Some of us get magazines and then NEVER use any of the ideas in them (that wouldn't be anyone you know, could it?). Anyway I often buy Quilting Arts Magazine but rarely do any of the stuff in it. In 2006? I think There were directions for a quilt using silk flowers and rainbow tulle that was pretty, so the next time I was in Walmart I saw the tulle and bought 1/4 yard. Then experimented with some silk flowers I had here. It was fun, easy and I thought rather pretty so I made cards out of them. Many of the cards are still on the recipient's refrigerator (I attached it to a magnet to make it easy). I went back and bought a yard of the tulle which I still have most of. I made a card drawer and put all the supplies together to make it easier to make another card...then left it alone for 3 years. :)
Yesterday I was playing with an idea I got from looking at these quilts by Kelli.  I thought I could cut out a flower and do a little something similar; it's harder than I thought and I will be buying the pattern if I ever decide to do so again. Then I got out my card making stuff out and put the flowers I'd cut out with a silk flower and liked the combination... then decided to use a zipper...in fact I chose pink fabric for the flowers since I had a pink zipper.

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