Friday, April 24, 2009

new lined zippered bag

It is sad sad about my personality that the first thought I had after reading Karen's post about her friends zipper stash was that I better go to the thrift store and get more zippers... But I nipped the thought and decided to use one instead.
Last night I was digging through my purse looking for a pill and thought, 'You should have a zippered lined bag for that.' So this morning I looked in my starred reader's folder and found red geranium's post about lined bags and actually read it then went and made a bag (if I'm rushed and don't have time to read I just star the post and then come back later and READ it instead of just look at the pictures! ;) ). It took longer than 15 minutes...about an hour since I pieced the front and back. The front is actually a strip of stripes that I had sewn together for my stripped quilt and then cut 1/2" too narrow; the black and white was already cut for the same project. 

I used an invisible zipper and it worked okay but maybe a regular zipper would have neater corners? I turned it and then turned it back and made the lining 1/4 inch shorter than the bag and it lays better. 

I'm happy with the bag and I've used another zipper!
(down to 63!)


Karen E. Overton said...

This is too cute - thanks for the link to the tutorial. The bags I made yesterday were lined but I think this link has an easier method. Goodness, we are going to have to plan a sewing day together to just make zippered bags! Have you made any pills bags that separate several days worth of pills? that would be great for vacation and taking my vitiams without taking the idea perhaps to inspire you LOL

Laurie said...

Good idea, I've been thinking about it for the last couple days...