Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the Old Rose Emporium

I talked to a friend today and found out she had never heard of the Old Rose Emporium.... and she call's herself a Texan! so I thought there may be other 'Texans' that needed to hear about them.

All y'all have heard of Blue Bell Ice Cream and know that it is made in Brenham but right next door is one of the greatest nurseries that I have been to. It is not really set up to look like a 'store' it is more like a garden that happens to have plants for sale. I have visited in Spring-the best time of year. Summer-beautiful but HOT. Fall-wonderful. Winter-a bit dull. But spring... drop every thing and GO.

The kids had fun, I had fun, even the husband enjoyed it. Grandma loved it. 
There is a green house made from reclaimed windows and roses. There's Mr. McGregors' garden and roses, there's a yellow brick road and roses, a 'sculpture' made from tin cans and roses, a spider web of wire and roses, a bottle tree, a Kansas witch with a house on top of her, a water garden, a cottage perenial garden..... a windmill with a flowering vine entwined... and did I mention the roses?
The pictures are from our winter trip in 2004, so no roses but we took our family picture on the porch of the Stone Kitchen.

There is also a small monastery nearby with miniature horses; a fun thing to see.

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