Tuesday, March 31, 2009

zippers etc.

I used 2 zippers this week! I decided that my new purse needed some special pouches. The first one is a bit wimpy but still holds stuff. The zipper isn't quite the right green so I hid it. I didn't even realized that the zipper was put in with the pull on the wrong end until I used it so the button is to remind me where the pull is. (It also used every smidgen of my green rickrack.) The second bag is a little 'skiwampuse' but it will still hold some lipstick and mascara. I have not read any directions on the use of selvages; clearly I should have, pressing might have helped too. I think using a very flimsy gingham contributed to my crookedness.
Before I leave the subject of zippers; When my daughter came in February she used one in her skirt AND she took one for a future skirt so now I'll subtract 4 zippers from my zipper list. That leaves me with only 66 zippers left to use!

This is the basket quilt that I'm trying to get a border on. I cut some triangles and they are clearly too small. At least I only cut 8 and not the 96 I need. So I need to look some basic information up; like what size do you cut a triangle if you want it to be 2" when it's finished... I thought I knew. I'm quarter square triangling...

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Mel said...

Zipper number 66 and zipper number 65 should be in Austin and Carter's quiet books... have you finished those yet? Have you touched them since Austin was born?? Austin is ready for it NOW... that means, Carter was ready 3 months ago... come on mom, this isn't one of those things you can say, well 5 years late ain't bad...(like our wedding quilts...of course mine was only 3 years late..)