Monday, March 30, 2009


I have way too many things flitting through my head; maybe writing them down will help nail down what I will actually work for me.
I need to divide my life into different parts;
spiritual/lesson planning

So here goes my thoughts;
FOOD- I have a killer shrimp recipe to try...killer because it uses heavy cream. My boys don't like shrimp so why make it this week when I can make it next week while my parents are here... I really want it NOW but I guess I'll wait. So it's:
  • Baked chicken, broccoli , salad
  • enchiladas-- make enough to freeze , rice, green beans
  • chicken tortilla soup 'cause the boys love it and will eat it
  • leftover soup
  • Fish, zuchini, salad
  • Pinto Beans, corn bread, carrot sticks
  • guest room My parents are coming!
  • entry into laundry room from garage WE actually park our car in the garage and the path to the laundry room is kind of narrow and cluttered. It is not hot yet so need to do it before it gets HOT!
  • write in journal 4 X's I started a computer journal 2 weeks ago but keep forgetting to write in it.
  • read next weeks lesson I teach the 7 year olds in Primary (like Sunday School).
  • listen to conference 4 sessions; (our Church has 2 general conference sessions a year and this week end we get to sit in our living room and listen to it on the internet.)
  • border on basket quilt
  • 10 dark stripe quilt blocks; I'm trying to make my stripe quilt different but the same as my sister's...
  • something with selvages-I've been collecting them but only using them to tie up the roses in the backyard.
  • something using 1 thrift store item; I bought 1 jacket and 2 velour dresses last week so I have to use something before I go again.
  • 1 zipper item; I have too many zippers and I'm trying to use them. 
  • Use computer on long arm for something; test the new system--maybe one of the thrift store velour pillows....with a zipper.
  • I really want to do a ' long arm journal quilt' So 'START IT.'
  • exercise 4 times and LOG the activity on Presidents Challenge
  • Reformer, Pilates and weights

I'll look at this next Monday and see how I did.

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