Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I finished my 'work in slow progress' in the middle of the month and hoped I'd have a second project to post on the last day of the month but THAT project is not to the quilting stage even yet. So some of you have already seen some pictures of this quilt; CHURN DASH' I participated in an exchange in Baytown January 1990 that got me these blocks. That means I worked on the blocks during November and December of 1989! I got the blocks sewn together quickly... I mean in at least a year or two; I didn't put any sashing in so I could get the star that you see here. I've been looking at it for a LOOOONG time.
We are really enjoying the weight of the wool batting; although it is a little small for the queen mattress it is on. (Sometimes I wake up and someone else is hogging the quilt.)

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