Tuesday, March 3, 2009

half tutorial

My daughter lives far away :( and she wants to make a 'box' out of fabric. I tried to tell her how over the phone but it was difficult so here is my rough draft of a tutorial... I don't have time to finish it but will come in and delete this and finish it later.. this is just to get her started...
the box is to be 9 X 10 with 6 inches tall.
the bottom is supposed to come up 1 inch.
I allowed 1/4 inch seams... bad idea do at least 5/8
I am using iron on interfacing she is using non iron (but I'm using what I have.)
Trim the corners out of the interfacing leaving a little more than I did to catch in the seam.
Cut your lining using your interfacing as the pattern but make sure you have enough fabric in the corners for a seam.
Liz, Lay your bottom onto your interfacing ... draw onto your interfacing how far the bottom should come up. then sew the 'wings/sides' on to the bottom through the interfacing and the bottom fabric.

I've got to run if I'm going to get to my exercise class 


p.s. I made it to class but can't decide on the lining for this 'box' but here are the next 2 steps.

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