Sunday, February 1, 2009

new lights or sunburn in January

The original lighting with one additional small amount of light coming right behind or to the side of the needle.

What it looks like now.

If you look closely at the quilts I just finished I quilted dark green thread on dark green fabric. Sometimes I just guessed where the quilting was already finished cause I couldn't see it. I kept trying new lights; even wore a bright light head lamp for camping a couple times but still had a hard time without enough light. My dh (dear husband) installed these yesterday even though he felt bad. There are now 8 light bulbs right above the long arm. Many long arms have light bars attached but when the machine is going the lights have a slight vibration and besides they cost a fortune. This set up was about $100.  He decided this morning to lower them a bit but I want to get something in and try the new set up first.

Seriously these are daylight light bulbs and I was wondering if I should wear sunglasses in there. It is REALLY brighter than the picture shows.

Dad, he painted the board that they hang from; the board shows us how seriously warped our ceiling is.


Mel said...

Good job Pa!

Patty Cake said...

Wow! I love the brightness!