Thursday, February 5, 2009

another quilt

Melissa came for a visit for Thanksgiving. When she came she brought 2 tied quilts of hers that she wanted quilted. She is here again and I thought it would be nice for her to take her quilts home; so I've been quilting them.
One she made when she was 13 and the ties were coming untied...that's in the machine right now but for some reason my husband needed to sleep so I quit.
This quilt is one her friends made her when her baby was born; it was also tied. I got it quilted today and am very happy with it. She is too. Ignore the one on the left; it's not quite finished so you won't see it until Sunday.
Austin came sick but this evening he was feeling much better and was such a happy guy. Hopefully Melissa will feel better tomorrow too. She'shoping to make 2 skirts  while I can help. She tweeked the pattern, cut it out and got the zipper in. She bought a linen in the fabric district of LA and doesn't want to cut it until she knows the pattern fits so she making her first skirt out of a gorgeous challis (?) I bought her before she got married.

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Patty Cake said...

He is soo adorable! Thanks for the articles. I need a reminder of what you told me about them. I do like the 'mother of pearl' garland. It looks as though it would disappear easily.