Sunday, February 22, 2009


To illustrate a phone call I made to my Mother I'm posting these pictures.

I went to a resale store Thursday while running an errand for the Scoutmaster (my husband). I found a small cupboard that I'll post about after it is hung, a Denver plate, a small glass dish (to the right of the Denver plate), a crystal turkey dish, and a beautiful turquoise necklace. I'm a sucker for hearts and turqoise so finding them together was wonderful.
Early Thursday morning I checked my account to see how much money I had left for my groceries and was surprised at how much money was there...DUH! Thursday morning is the day I get my grocery money. I have for about 7 years but I totally forgot that so I spent more than I would have have if I hadn't gone brain dead. We will be eating beans a couple of times next week; totally worth it.

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Patty Cake said...

What great lovely's. I like them all, especially the heart.