Saturday, February 21, 2009

working on a quilt

My Pinwheels just came off the long-arm! The quilting is finished but...My husband is sound asleep and I can't find the camera. So I'll have to wait until tomorrow but I'm in the quiltathon and had to post something. 
I also got to spend 3 1/2 hours at a spelling bee. My eleven year old won at his school so today was the county bee. He came in 4th! Wow can he spell. I didn't write down the first 2 but he spelled;
  • futon
  • screen
  • harpoon
  • abdicate
  • manhandle
  • wasabi
  • hygiene
  • physique
  • hydraulic
  • contraband
  • bureaucracy 
and then misspelled baloo. :(

He didn't loose control when he lost and we went out to lunch at BJ's. 

Then I finished 'frogging' the stitch in the ditch I'd done last month on this quilt; put it back in and did all the ditch work, turned it and did the top and bottom borders. I enjoyed doing the free hand spiral/ribbon ? feathers. 
I'll edit this and put a picture in tomorrow.

So frustrating; in laying it out I found 1 line of quilting that I didn't put in. Then we laid out the quilt I finished last week and found one sash that didn't get any quilting!


Patty Cake said...

Does this mean you will be putting them back on? There has to be a methodical method to make sure you cover all the areas. Don't have a clue what would work though. It is really beautiful!

Mel said...

Wow, that is beautiful!