Wednesday, February 25, 2009


What do you do?
Andrew is working like crazy on his Science Fair Project...due today. He did the experiments by himself; he came up with the idea by himself; he has totally worked independently except for me making him move his experiment from the table to the Formica counter top and taking some dictation from him last night, since I can type faster than he can. He's been doing a great job.
This morning he wanted to get up early to finish. So I woke him up at 5; he got up; I went back to bed. At 6 I stumble down to see how he is doing. He is eating cereal in the clothes he slept in (scout uniform) and his board is empty. So I asked him what he'd been doing. HE'D SPENT AN HOUR TRYING TO GET THE LID OFF THE MILK!
Help me here. Is it me or do you think he should have been doing something else?


Angela said...

He's mini Reed. Its to be expected. Otherwise it will eventually make your head explode.

Liz said...

I popped over to your other blog it is looking good. I have a quilt I would like you to quilt. It's a reversible floral black and white comforter so I'm not sure what I want quilted on it-but I am sure it will be fun!