Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pinwheel Quilt

Liz is still visiting so blogging time is limited; so is quilting time and housework time and cooking time and exercise time and ..... I want to talk and play with a baby. She asked today if we have tacos every day normally. We've had fish tacos and chicken fajita tacos and leftover fajita tacos and today we had salad with black beans and fish; looked a lot like tacos but without the shell. We did have 2 desserts today since I had planned one (pear pastry that I blogged about here) that used 1 sheet of a puff pastry so Andrew and I went ahead and used the second sheet and made raspberry napoleons (I think-there was a picture of a strawberry dessert on the package and we made it 'cept we substituted frozen raspberries....) so good!
This is the pinwheel quilt I've loaded into the long arm. It is an exchange I did with the Baytown Area Quilt Guild years ago; when I put it together it was to go on one of my daughters' twin bed, with a pillow tuck- it is very long. Both daughters have left home and I have no granddaughters...but I'm finishing it anyway. We've digitized a pattern of a butterfly that will look great in the plain block. Check back next week for the finished quilt.

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