Wednesday, December 31, 2008

happy new year

We'll be going to bed soon since the movie is almost over... Everyone was watching the new Narnia movie that Jeffrey got for Christmas. It would have been watched Christmas day but it got lost. When it was found 2 days ago and watched the last 10 minutes didn't work! So today we exchanged it for a new one and it is being watched again with the last 10 minutes intact, we hope!
I thought I'd share our goodies with you. Enjoy some good eating;
Elizabeth made bread to put smokies in; a Christmas morning tradition that we missed this year. Then I made a pan of sweet potato fries so we had a vegetable.

It's hard to believe but those are jalapeno poppers. I love them. Unfortunately I can only eat them if I make them. I am meticulous about getting every seed and every smidgen of pith (the white stuff) out of them. I also try to chose the largest and bluntest tip peppers I can find (I've heard those are the mildest). Andrew even ate one and declared them very good. I ate about 6, well really closer to a dozen, and 1 of them had a mild bit of heat to it but not enough to cause me to start coughing.
Our sweet plate;

My favorite chocolate butter cookie with melted chocolate chips on top, peppermint truffles, balsamic truffles, and date dingbats. The kids also had a root beer float. Everyone had plenty to eat. 

notes: The white chocolate peppermint truffles were LOVED by the kids. I didn't really care for them; too sweet. The balsamic truffles were very good. The date dingbats were an experiment to make something for Angela that were wheat free. They didn't stay together very well (but I didn't really follow the recipe amounts very well either-I substituted rice chex for the rice krispies too) so I pressed them into a small cookie sheet and poured a can of sweetened condensed milk on top; then they stuck together but were VERY sweet. So 2 a day would be enough for anyone. 

Hope ya'll had a great holiday and will wake refreshed and ready to start a new year tomorrow. Personally I wish there were a few more days in 2008. 


Micha said...

I have several relatives who eat gluten free so I am becoming a pro at meringues. The favorite so far is coconut.

Morah said...

I am a LOVER of poppers! I bought a popper cooker at HEB and one at a craft show and have been known to make 30-50 at a time!!! These guys at ChiliGrill, sell a "cleaner outer thingy" that is fabulous. I got mine when I bought the grill from them (3X as expensive as HEB) but it was worth it to get the "cleaner outer thingy."

Ms. Porter said...

I love those em! Don't you find that there are never any leftover, I always feel like I should have made even more than I made!!! The one thing I'm always afraid of when making them is that some of the juice will squirt in my eye, I always wear glasses when cleaning the peppers! I'm going to check out that cleaner outer thingy Morah mentioned. Oh and yes, I think you are right about the bigger and less pointy tipped peppers being the best.