Monday, January 5, 2009

stash busting?

Not much stash-busting going on this week. I don't count it busted until it is FINISHED and very little got done this week. 

0 yards purchased in 2009 
0 yards used in 2009

I was very tempted to order fabric online though since a few places are having sales....I was strong. (Actually I could not make a decision so I decided to not make a decision and not buy anything.)
I was tempted to buy another wide back here; but I haven't used the last one I bought.... so I was strong.
If I hadn't just folded all my Christmas fabric I would have been tempted to buy something here.
Then I remember that my daughter lives close to the fabric district in L.A. and I'll need an excuse to visit her this year and will want to take advantage of their deals; so I was strong.

I posted my current project picture yesterday so I need to get busy since Liz wants me to make her some curtains today and I want to quilt....


doni said...

Way to NOT buy!!! And what a cute DD and GD - it sounds like a great visit!

from one Nana to another!
doni @ Oregon coast

Sherry said...

I'm impressed with your ability to resist purchasing. . . if you could bottle that I would purchase a few cases of it!! LOL

Lori in South Dakota said...

This lady and you have a lot in common. Don't sit next to her. ROFL