Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas books and goals

Everyone is talking about goals. I have a big one this year; keep from going under while managing all my stuff.
Here are some smaller goals;
  • put away the Christmas stuff...easily done you say, not so. First I have to clean the guest room; then move the boxes of wool out of the guest room closet; then fill and then put the Christmas boxes in, then
  • organize my wool scraps; I have this compulsion to buy wool. Wool that has been someones skirt or pants or jacket or sweater. Then I get to store it. I don't actually use it...well I started 1 pillow, made one applique pincushion AND made those 10 little books this year that I blogged about last week and are pictured here (They all have little charms hanging from them now.) Does that justify boxes and boxes of wool?
  • Then move them back into the closet in time for my parents to visit in March. (Notice that there is no goal to actually use it just store it better.)
  • Then I'm also going to finish some QUILTS! the long-arm will certainly help there. How many is a reasonable number? I think 1 a month is do able since I need to do mostly customers quilts to pay for the long-arm that I got so I could finish my quilts...
  • Organize/fold more of my fabric; today I realized that I may need to find the rest of the pink fabric that is in the quilt I'm quilting which means I need to get the pink out and fold it ... How many other projects are going to have that ripple effect...many I think.
  • so that brings me to another big goal; feed my family. I've found that it is difficult to pull myself away from the long arm in time to fix food. As we get older I've been fixing simpler food. Tonight was Crash potatoes, salmon and coleslaw. It took 20 minutes. Andrew helped with the potatoes while I made the mayonnaise for the purchased pre-cut up cabbage.
  • Seriously a lot of my goals circle around the long-arm... I need to go to the gym so I can quilt for longer periods of time without pain.
  • I need to keep my house cleaner since I will have customers coming by...
  • I've been making and will continue to make my bed since I now spend time in there and I like it looking pretty.
I can see that the long-arm is a good thing; it got me out of my rut and started me accomplishing more. The more you have to do the more you get done.

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Anonymous said...

Having a longarm is a very goooood thing!!!! It will get easier once your body gets used to it....and a very very good pair of shoes also helps.....I figured out if the shoes are cute, you can't quilt without body parts aching!!!!! Goals are a good thing to have as it helps keep me on track.

Karen L