Sunday, December 14, 2008


Everyone was in bed before 9! Except me. I decided to make fudge. The recipe is here. 

  • started and realized I had no marshmallow cream
  • waited till midnight to get some at WalMart (I TRY to keep the Sabbath Day holy partly by not shopping)
  • while pouring the fudge into pan I dropped the pan
  • luckily it landed on the counter
  • made a mess
  • too hot to touch; ask me how I know
  • left the mess to finish pouring; rested pan against my white shirt; no longer white; lots of fudge on it!
  • realized I left out the salt, the vanilla, and the nuts
  • added the nuts to the top and then tried to smash them in; the fudge is still hot enough to burn; ask me how I know.
  • Now I can clean the mess off the counter and hide all the evidence; otherwise I'll have to make another batch before Christmas.
  • I'll be sick if I lick the pan by myself though.... want to come over and help?

1 comment:

Liz said...

I like the peppermint fudge we had last year.