Sunday, November 2, 2008

new formula

So using my new formula; 1 yard weighs 4.22 ozs I can figure out how many yards of tiny green scraps I have and since I KNOW you are interested here goes. 10 pounds!So that means I have about 2 yards of tiny green scraps.  Each baby quilt takes only about 1 yard of scraps therefore that's 2 baby quilts. I don't believe it; I'm going to have to work harder on my formula. I wonder how may of my little scraps I can get Andrew to weigh for me?


Liz said...

Green huh?? I know a little boy with a room decorated with green.

Magdalen said...

Okay, so I was a bit confused about your math, and had to check it out for myself. Yup, a yard of fabric weighs just under 4.25 ounces. But if you have 10 pounds of scraps, then you have about 38 yards of fabric there -- it may not all be usable (like, obviously, you wouldn't be able to make 5 backs to queen-sized quilts without a lot of piecing, which results in a lot less than 38 yards off the bolt), but it's more than the two yards your blog post suggests.

Two possibilities: you meant to write that you have 10 ounces of scraps -- that would be slightly more than two yards' worth of fabric. Or you have a lot (a LOT) of green scraps. I'm trying to think how big the container would have to be to have ten pounds of fabric scraps -- big. Huge!

I think we'll assume you meant 10 ounces.

But I appreciated the chance to weigh fabric -- something I hadn't done before.