Sunday, November 16, 2008

progress and Christmas bags

Progress is so slow but you can see an improvement. I've finished folding my fabric from my friend and have started adding mine. I started with purple; thinking it would be easy since I had so little purple. The problem with my purples was that they are in such little pieces; so a lot couldn't be folded. They should really be put in my scrap box of purples, but it is full.... so I have a small pile, in the living room mentally labelled 'what should I do with these?' 
My red's show my happy accident; I accidently got hold of my 3" ruler (instead of 3 1/2") and folded some reds. They fit on the shelf better so I'll use that ruler from now on. 
I divided the Christmas fabrics by red, green, blue, lights and bags. 
One Christmas 12 years ago we were getting our teenagers each a boom box and since they came in large boxes I didn't want to wrap them. Instead I took some of my Christmas fabric and basted them together into bags. The first year's bags have rolled hems, the next a regular hem with room for a drawstring; the more recent bags have no hems. I fold the top down and then tie around the top with a ribbon. (The ribbon is tied in a knot so it is harder to snoop but it takes scissors to open on Christmas morning.) After Christmas they go back into my fabric collection so if I wanted I could use them for a quilt.
Under the Christmas fabric is a pile of Halloween with Fourth of July then a few big pieces of Christmas fabric for backs.

My stash report;
In: 1 yard of black I bought to demonstrate to a church group how our charity quilt will look when we get started in Jan. Used on sample blocks. Generated excitement with the leadership so we will be doing this after Christmas. Hopefully it will teach a few women that they CAN quilt.
Out: Red scraps to make 13 additional blocks for Austin's quilt.