Monday, October 6, 2008

shoot yourself in the foot

If I had any drawing ability I would accompany this post with one but you can do a Google search and get lots of pictures of people shooting themselves in the foot. I'm hoping the visual will help me to stop shooting myself in the foot. 
Andrew laughed when I explained how he was shooting himself in the foot when he didn't turn in his homework...usually it's a argh! in a very high pitched voice and he seems to think it's someone else's fault. So when I explained that I'd shot myself in the foot last night he didn't get so irate.
I have some meds I'm supposed to take with food. So guess what the food was last night? Two large freshly baked cookies. Not even all that great cookies. At 11 p.m.. So I not only shot myself in the foot I watched as I bled all over the floor and would have to clean it up, eventually. 

So...Don't shoot yourself in the foot! I think I'll post one of the pictures on my fridge and one in the dining room in our homework spot and Andrew and I can work on defeating our self-defeating behaviors together.

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