Sunday, October 5, 2008

healthy roads

As training goes I was trained right. We were served vegetables and fruit on a regular basis by my mother unfortunately I never really liked vegetables. When I became a mother I would take the smallest amount of green beans I thought I could get away with; often made sure I was the last one to get the bowl of vegetables and oh, so sad, there just weren't very many left for me to have. So I have made some changes I've been making some healthy goals and sticking with them for weeks at a time. Here they are
  • Buy no candy- this one is a little sneaky; it's not 'eat no candy'; so if someone happens to give me candy I can eat it. Unfortunately...or fortunately... no one here is going to buy me any candy. Once in a while a teacher at church will pass out a tiny piece... So it's really going very well. I haven't lost much weight though.
  • Drink more water; this one I manage pretty well until my schedule gets messed up then I forget to drink. Two glasses at each meal and water bottle near me most of the time.
  • Eat more fruit. I cut up cantaloupe in the morning and then piece on it all day (when I have cantaloupe). I'm eating a grapefruit everyday and drinking a small V-8 for breakfast. 
  • Serve more vegetables...that way I have to have small bits of more vegetables; which equals better nutrition. 
  • Green salad 4 times a week...I'm still not loosing weight but I'm healthier and it'll come off sometime.

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Micha said...

That's pretty funny - becomming a mom taught me to love vegetables because I was so adamant that squirt eat a variety that I'd force myself to eat whatever I wanted her to eat - and with a straight face. That's actually how I learned to like bananas!

Good luck!